Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little kids are awesome!

This sounds like a bad stand up joke... So I was at the DMV the other day...
And I saw these two little kids. They were really excited to see each other and wanted to introduce themselves. But they didn't want to do the ordinary, everyday hand shake.
So they decided to go with much more intimate eye ball rub.
Now they will be friends forever!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Spring makes me think about baseball. And baseball makes me think about t-ball. And t-ball makes me think about a little boy named, David C.  David  was on my little brother's t-ball team. He was my favorite player to watch. I can remember every one of David's at-bats. That's because they all ended the exact same way...
David would walk up to the tee already looking sad and dejected.  Then in an unorthodox approach, David would run past the tee and swing as he went by.
Then the all the kids playing 3rd base would chase after the ball. (NOTE: There were usually about 35 kids playing the field.)   
David ran down the base line.
Finally, one of the 3rd basemen would grab the ball and throw it past the 1st basemen.
David would still be making his way there.
The 1st basemen would grab the ball and go back to first base...
Still beating David there.
David would finally reach the bag already crying -
then dramatically throw himself to the ground -
completely crushed that yet another base hit alluded him.
David's mom would then assist him off the field and let him know how close he was that time.