Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Cookie Story

So in honor of mother's day I decided to share a story that I've told a million times. My mom loves sharing it too. Definitely one of my prouder moments...
I was a pudgy two year old who loved his cookies.

After my sixth or seventh cookie, my mom decided I had enough.
So she put the cookies into the refrigerator...
Which was one of the best places to hide food from me -
because I was too little to open it.
It looked like I was doomed to a boring cookieless afternoon -
When I saw my window of opportunity.
My mom had fallen asleep!
Then I noticed the mailman dropping off mail! I only had seconds to react.
Quickly I grabbed the mailman by the hand, and waddled him into the kitchen to retrieve my cookies.

My mom awoke to witness my cookie victory and a slightly embarrassed mailman standing in our living room. Happy Mother's Day!