Monday, October 19, 2009

baby shakin'

This past weekend I went to the Glendale Mall.  I notice a guy
pushing around his baby in a stroller. The baby was getting a
little fussy. So what's dad's answer? 
Shake the baby around like he was in a paint mixer.  I wouldn't 
say dad was being abusive, but lets just say an earthquake wouldn't 
phase this little guy after his training.
The baby kicked around giggling like he wanted more.
I imagine this kid will grow up to be something tough thanks
to his dad. Maybe a rugby player.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

R.I.P. The War Admiral

this past weekend, it was with great sadness that the war admiral had to be permanently retired.

the war admiral and i had many amazing adventures. i bought it from a 20 year old kid for 900 dollars. he told me his grandmother drove it around... and i believed him. three weeks later, the war admiral and i were off on our maiden voyage togther from pennsylvania to santa clarita, california. we made it the whole way there...

once while driving home from jib jab, the war admiral suffered a catastrophic injury. he lost a tire on the freeway while doing
60 mph. for most cars its age, this would have been a career ending injury, but not the war admiral... he was up and running in a week.

the war admiral was not without his faults. he was very picky about the radio. some days it would work great. other days it wouldn't. there was a distinct smell of burning wires on those days...

the war admiral would shake violently around sharp right turns. not sure if it was from the accident or from his dislike of sharp right turns.

i'll miss you, war admiral. we drove many places together... and most of the times we made it home.