Monday, October 19, 2009

baby shakin'

This past weekend I went to the Glendale Mall.  I notice a guy
pushing around his baby in a stroller. The baby was getting a
little fussy. So what's dad's answer? 
Shake the baby around like he was in a paint mixer.  I wouldn't 
say dad was being abusive, but lets just say an earthquake wouldn't 
phase this little guy after his training.
The baby kicked around giggling like he wanted more.
I imagine this kid will grow up to be something tough thanks
to his dad. Maybe a rugby player.


Snack Master said...

I wonder how a grown up would react to such a thing. It could be the next massage therapy.

Arron said...

Nice drawings, Derek.

Melvina said...

Omg hahaha!! I live in Glendale, i should record all the things I see there too.