Sunday, November 8, 2009

Penguins vs. Kings

The Penguins came into town last week. I was excited because I haven't seen them since I left Pittsburgh. The first two periods were great!  Then came the third period which I'd rather not talk about....
Instead I rather talk about the folks sitting behind me. They were amazing!  They were the pikeys from the movie Snatch who also happen to be Pens fans.

Mickey and company were giving great color commentary without taking a breath in between any words or sentences.

They spoke about what the Pens needed to do in order to win,

"Wat ya need is a Jordin Staal out there a man like Jordin Staal knows how to scor golls." 

On the physical attributes of one of the Kings players,

"Look at the little one over there he's tv size he fits right into the tv don't need to size him down cuz he fits right into tv"

and on Bailey the Lion, the LA Kings mascot,

"Ol beasty boy's bangin his drum agin thats all beasty boy does run aroun bangin his drum do ya see beasty boy bangin his drum agin?"

Mickey made the Pens beating more bearable. Later he tried selling me a caravan.