Friday, September 25, 2009

the LA fair

so a few weeks ago i went to the la county fair.  it was a lot of fun... a ton of stuff.  we ended up walking into a expo building where there were a bunch of things to buy and look at.  

the only bad thing was the walking lanes between the booths were really narrow.  so if some one stopped to look at something of interest it would cause a bottle neck traffic jam like rush hour on the 405. 


ZaR said...

Haha... this is hilarious.... I love how different all the characters are, great, great drawing Derek!

Bralyollyoxenfree said...

charming drawing!

[B]ehram said...

HAHHA yes its true at any convention, except I am usually the guy who causes the traffic jam.

I really enjoy the stories you do!

Daron said...

hahaha, great crowd, it really works. I always have a hard time with that