Wednesday, June 6, 2007


here are some walking talking ferrets... its the second summer school assignment chez and i had.


Cole Sanchez said...

Hey Derek my phone got wet and now it shocks me every time I dial a number. Send me an email at

Ben Adams said...

Oh, you know I gots to get in on this! Keep me updated on the assignment.

Cole Sanchez said...

SHADY AUTO MECHANICS!!! YES SIR! The ferret with the martini glass has a face only a mother could love. NICE

Sezura said...


I like how you and Cole are pushing yourself with weekly assignments, keep it up! I wanted to say your gesture drawing a few entries back is impressive, because it is clear, loose, and feels right. Can I join in on the weekly assignment fun?

Take care and good luck


Derek Evanick said...

right on jesse the more the merrier... shady mechanics due monday