Monday, June 11, 2007

shady mechanics

so here's some shady car mechanics... i'm really trying to push shapes as much as i can. sorry i can't say much more... the Sopranos finale left me feeling kind of depressed and empty...


Joshua Dotson said...

Yeow!... nice designs Son. No really.

Sezura said...


I like your designs and the story you made in the first page, it's pretty accurate. I really like your last page with all the heads, because you played around with a lot of the features like the chin and nose and the type of line; with all the variety it's still a Shady Mechanic.

I'm sorry in advance for missing out this week on the design. It's like 1 AM and I had a long day.

How was your weekend? Are you back in Penn?

Take care and I look forward to attempting the next assignment!


Derek Evanick said...

no problem jesse. i think the next design i'm going to do is the elderly mermaid chades challenge from austin and nate. its due friday. then i think we're doing yaks and they will probably be due sometime next week. PA is doing good... a little slow, but good

Ben Adams said...

Derick! You definatley have the "Midas Touch" when it comes to designing shadey car mechanics--cuz all these are golden.